Thursday, February 14, 2008

Love is in the Air...

Matt had two Valentines this year! We had a great day but I am pretty tired. The day started pretty early for us... I made Matt breakfast in bed (he is so spoiled) then for lunch we had a picnic at the beach. Despite chilly weather and some threatening clouds we had a great time! When I picked Matt up from work, I told him to sit in the back with Reese because she had a Valentine's Day surprise for him... (mostly I didn't want her to get a papercut in her mouth from gnawing on the V-Day card around her neck!) He loved it and I knew I needed to document it with a photo!
Then for dinner, Matt and I enjoyed a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant in Corona Del Mar, Bandera. A huge thank you goes out to Brad and Kori for watching our baby girl so we could have a night with just the two of us! We owe you guys big time! A filet mignon and banana cream pie later we are all back at home relaxing... trying to get our firecracker of a daughter to go to bed. However, she would much rather stay up and talk to us! All in all a great Valentine's Day and we send out lots of love to our friends and family.