Monday, May 30, 2011

twenty eleven

So it's been a while... I get it.

When choosing which pictures of the kids I wanted to post, I came across a lot of the following:

...Reese and Max jumping/wrestling in rain puddles
...Max smacking mine or Matt's face while we are trying to tell him to say "cheese"... we let him because he is laughing while doing this and his smile is so adorable... although Matt and I look ridiculous
...Reese at soccer aggressively kicking the ball into the net... while holding her princess water bottle (which somehow makes her less of a threat)
...the kids at the beach, where they are their happiest
...the kids hanging out in the back of our Yukon... for some reason they can spend forever back there
...Reese asleep in the most unusual places... standing up leaning against the couch, sitting in the chair with her hand in her bowl of grapes, and naked {my personal favorite}

So, we decided to go with the beach shots. Some our from this weekend and the rest form weekends past, but they all show how big my little babies are getting. I hope to show more soon...