Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ten Months and Counting...

Our little Reesey will be ten months tomorrow! Not a big deal? Well, we are pretty excited about making it this far. We love our baby girl... and here are ten reasons why she makes us happy every day:

1. Her smile. Now I know this sounds totally cheesy, but this girl smiles as wide as her mouth will let her, only to reveal that at ten months there are still NO teeth! So sad...

2. When she talks like a duck. This is a new one that I think she has derived from when I play with her and "growl" at her. It is the cutest thing because she really sounds like Donald Duck.

3. When she talks to herself. I love waking up and hearing, through the monitor, her talking to her snuggle bunny in her crib... just waiting for mom and dad to come and get her!

4. She likes to cuddle. Correction... she LOVES to cuddle, especially with her daddy in the morning.

5. She drinks out of my cup. Even when her sippy is right in front of her she wants to drink out of my cup. Yesterday, I caught her trying to drink out of this toy fish bowl that she has... no luck.

6. Her giggle. In direct correlation to her smile... it's contagious!

7. She is a good sleeper. Enough said.

8. She gets excited when I put any kind of food in front of her. I mean look at her, the girl likes to eat!

9. The obvious... her rolls. If you haven't seen them then you are in for a serious treat. Her legs have so many rolls on them that some of them get tucked away in her diaper... so cute!

10. Her sass! That, I have to admit... she gets from me... lucky girl!