Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Three Years...

... and still counting! Three years ago this man made me the happiest woman! I can't believe it has only been three years and we already have done so much. Thank you for making me laugh every day... thank you for Reese and Max... thank you for being so good looking... thank you for loving me... love you babe.

Friday, June 12, 2009


The last week has gone by in a flash. It started out on a high... Reese and her boyfriend Tanner went on a romantic date to Disneyland. Sparks flew as they watched the Playhouse Disney show, and the relationship kicked into overdrive when they shared a delicious dinner of Puffs, apple slices and Cheetos (the dinner of champions)! I don't know how Reese learned to open mouth kiss, but she loves planting big ones on Tanner... so stinkin' cute. It was so fun to go with the Davis' because we were able to switch off watching the kids and going on rides. I FINALLY rode the Tower of Terror with Matt for the first time... I LOVED it!!!!! And I swear that I have never heard Matt scream that high before... hilarious!
Next, we had all of our family come in town for Max' blessing. A bunch of us went to the beach and it was so fun to watch Reese and her cuz Evelyn play together. They both loved charging the waves and playing on the huge sand piles by the lifeguard stations. Sadly, the out of towners (Heidi!) weren't able to handle the sun as well as the rest of us... oh well, everyone needs to start with a base burn? right??
Finally, we blessed little Max on Sunday. Matt did an awesome job and the Duke didn't even make a peep! It was so hard to find a little outfit to put him in that didn't scream white polyester, so inspired by my friend Dana, I made him these little pants! My first pair of pants and I thought they turned out pretty cute! I also sewed the "m" on his onesie over the Gap bear... to make it a little more personal. But one of the cutest things was that Reese fell asleep within the first 10 minutes of church. She was so fussy because with all the family in town we didn't put her down for a nap before church, so by the time we got there she was pooped!!!! Thanks to Heidi for putting her to sleep.... she loves her Aunt Heidi!
An awesome week... thanks to all our friends and family who came down and participated. We love you all!

Reese in here Daddy's shirt... a make shift sun dress post ocean dip!

Max is like three times the size of his younger cuz Jaxon... but he is only a month older!

Sleepy Girl!